We strive to build a real community in RiverPark Offices therefore we hold several tenant-events throughout the year. We organize massage-days, sport events and yearly featured-events as well.

Petite Paris event

In June 2018, we invited our Tenants to a real Parisian Picnic. We awaited them with French accordion player, pantomime artists, cartoonist, tenpins, roulette and card table. The atmosphere was complete with fine assortments of French food and pastries.

Rockabilly Party

In the spring of 2017 we organized a Rockabilly Party in the theme of the 1950s-60s’ America. We entertained our tenants with a real pinball machine, fussball and smoothie-bar. They could try tattoo-making by the careful guidance of tattoo-artists.

Mulled Wine Party

We invited RiverPark tenants with our traditional Mulled Wine Party, where they could taste spicy mulled wine and hot, steaming tea along with roasted chestnuts. The entertainment was complete with IQ casino, Guess-a-scent game and special office-massage. Guests could buy honey and Christmas ornaments at our mini farmers market.

Summer Night Magic

We organized a informal, summer night event for the tenants of RiverPark Offices, where Soma Hajnóczy -World Champion of Magic – and Tamás Badár from Hungary’s Got Talent Show enchanted them with unique tricks.
Fine grilled foods, wines from the Janus Winery, ice-cold artisan beer, fresh fruits and vegetables, smoothies, lemonades and cotton candy made the night special.

Summer Greetings

Csemer Bori and the InFusion entertained our tenants at the Summer Greetings Party. The atmosphere was complete with wine-tasting, craft-beers and streetfood.