• RiverPark Offices Complex:
    Two Category "A" office buildings

RiverPark offices

RiverPark Offices consist of two category “A” office buildings with 9865 sqm leasable area. Building K30, which had given home to the MOL Headquarters, has been renovated according to art heritage standards and now offers first-class offices. Building K32 is the modern, newly built part of the office complex with a 3-story underground garage.
RiverPark Offices are located on the Danube bank providing panoramic view, exclusive inner garden, rooftop terraces, state-of-the-art technical solutions and high-class office environment to its tenants.

Danube Bank, wonderful views, lively cultural environment

Nehru Park, the only green-belt along the downtown Danube bank is located between RiverPark Offices and the Danube. The Park offers sporting facilities and several walking paths. With a short stroll on the Danube bank you can reach BÁLNA (CET) cultural center. South of RiverPark, the National Theater and the Palace of Arts, Budapest’s two cultural icons can be found.

Ráday street, the culinary center of Budapest is also within walking distance from RiverPark, where you can enjoy several restaurants and cafes, even Budapest’s first Michelin-star restaurant, Costes. Several cultural and art establishment surrounds the area: Museum of Applied Arts, National Museum, Corvin Budapest Film Palace, Goethe Institue Hungarian and the Szabó Ervin Library.


During the design and construction of the RiverPark office building complex the balance of ergonomics and aesthetic quality was in focus, resulting in neat and effective solutions in the buildings, in an inherently inspiring environment.

General features

> Office area: 9,865 sqm
> Approx. 400/900 sqm average area per floor
> 3 underground garage levels + ground floor + 7 stories
> 133 underground parking spaces
> Storage area of about 405 sqm
> 4 passenger lifts
> Elegant working environment
> Exclusive inner garden
> Panorama terraces
> Cafe
> Excellent public transport connections

Technical details

> Efficient area utilization
> Flexible inner partition wall structure
> K30 clear height:
mezzanine: 2.84-3.02 m
1. floor: 3.06-3.16 m
2. floor: 3.33-3.44 m
3. floor: 3.22-3.34 m
4. floor: 3.20-3.37 m
5. floor: 3.22-3.36 m
6. floor: 2.83-2.96 m
7. floor: 2.98-3.08 m

> K32 clear height:
groundfloor: 3.57 m
1-5. floor: 2.87 m
6. floor: 2.80 m
7. floor: 2.85-4.22 m

> High quality construction materials and equipment
> Raised floor with movable floor boxes
> Opening windows of sun protective glazing
> Outstanding cooling and powered ventilation capacity
> Access card system

Environmentally conscious solutions

RiverPark offices provide a high-quality working environment, designed with the future in mind, placing an emphasis on environmentally friendly features. During design and construction, a team of experts was responsible for meeting quality standards as well as for finding environmentally friendly and energy saving solutions. The following materials and methods were applied:
> Energy saving T5 lamps in the offices
> Motion sensor lighting control in common areas
> Special architecture of facade and windows to reduce lighting needs
> High quality facade and roof insulations, heatbridge-free structures and window profiles
> Environmentally friendly built-in materials
> Heat and solar control glazing
> Evaporative air conditioning
> Constant air flow control in the air conditioning system
> Noise reducing equipment
> Building control system
> Environmentally conscious facility management
> Selective waste collection
> Facility management uses environmentally friendly materials



    The office building is located right on the Danube bank. It is a historic, yet modern building with exclusive internal garden, rooftop terraces and Danube view.
    > Tram: 2, 4, 6, 21, 24
    > Bus: 15, 23, 23E, 54, 55, 115, 212
    > Electric bus: 83, 89
    > Subway: M3, M4 with transfer
    > HEV: Csepel, Soroksár, Ráckeve
    > Ship: BKV Port, MAHART International Port (Vienna, Bratislava)



    Fuggerstrasse 26
    86150 Augsburg
    T +49 821 509 10-000


    GAMMA Properties Kft.

    H-1093 Budapest,
    Közraktár u. 30
    T +36 1 382 75 60 | T +36 1 382 75 70